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How Keywords Can Help Your Small Business Compete Online?

You have a business and would like to advertise online but you don’t know how you are going to compete against companies much larger than yours. Many of the keywords you would normally associate with your product have already been widely used by other well known companies leaving your search ranking position further down the page. According to a study in the Journal of Advertising increasing your search position is more likely if you are  very specific with your keywords and phrases (Yoo, 2014). Developing online branding can be helped with specificity of key word choice that leads to higher customers attraction and recall. Small businesses have a hard time competing with larger businesses in branding. It makes little difference if you are discussing traditional forms of advertising or online advertising. As consumers look online to find the products and services they need they will use certain keywords that help them find what they are looking for. Consumers are very specif

Targeted Marketing or Brand Awareness? Which Works Better Online?

Online marketing has travelled a long way over the last decade and now supersedes traditional advertising media in the majority of channel categories. The online advertising world is not yet fully developed and will transform over time to include higher capabilities. A paper by Attia (2014), discusses how metrics will need to change to ensure the current click-through model is replaced by more holistic measurements. Successful campaigns have been built by adding brand image to the overall marketing plan. Is targeted marketing or brand management better? Click-Through is the most common method of online advertising but people have become sensitized to the marketing channel. The rate uses a simple formula like Clicks/Impressions X 100 =Click Through Rate (CTR). As more people click on an impression (showing of ad) the rate moves up and is considered effective.     When customers become desensitized to click-through ads, pop up banners, etc. they begin to ignore the display