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The Craftwork of Classic Car Auto Restoration

Last weekend I went down to Old Town San Diego and came across the Old Town O’Reilly’s Artist Alley offering the latest craft work on muscled and antique automobiles. Restoring an old car is not easy work and I can testify as there is always something that needs to be reworked and improved.     From painting, engine work, and electrical problems the task is daunting.  The event hosted some of the best restoration work I have seen in a while. Many of the cars have been improved beyond their original factory glory with deep paint jobs and almost new interiors. The type of vehicles on display included everything from ice cream trucks to California style SUVs. I thought a few pictures are helpful. I believe this event was hosted by O'Reilly's Auto Parts. The smallest part can sometimes give you the biggest problems. You can search and test for a month to find out that a $50 part would have solved all of your problems. Unfortunately, you just spent plenty of hours a