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Oh Captain my Captain-Walt Whitman's Patriotic Poem

Written in 1865 the poem was a patriotic encouragement by Walt Whitman to ask for people to fight for what was right so that the young country didn’t split in half. The poem was written as an honor for President Lincoln. His heart broke because he wanted slavery to end but also hated seeing Americans fighting against each other. The beginning poem discusses the life and glory of the captain (President Lincoln) and he moves to the end in agony over the assignation of the president only because the hearts of the people still hurt. He compares the nation to a ship that was at sea but is not safe and anchored into the bay. Walt desires to see people celebrate the success in history. Walt Whitman was a romantic character and saw President Lincoln as that leader which came from the log hut and rural countryside to put the nation on the right track. To Walt it was the simply man that had the most honesty in politics. President Lincoln not only had to convince others of the rig