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Protecting Your Corporate Image Through Altruistic Giving

Americans are some of the most giving people in the world. The good nature of people in organizations regularly push for corporate donations to help those less fortunate. According to National Philanthropic Trust American corporations donate a whopping $16.76 annually with over 62% saying they are “giving back to the community” ( 1 ).  Altruistic corporate giving enhances the image of your company while helping the community. Corporate philanthropy offers great benefits beyond developing a stronger public image. It can provide tax incentives, stronger labor pools, higher community relations in addition to image development (Syverson, 2006). The corporate strategy should try and maximize the benefits of giving for special causes and ensure the biggest bang for the corporate buck.  Despite its benefits corporate giving can cause a backlash on the company if the entire process is seen as self-seeking (Kota, et. al. 2014). If the public views the purpose of the giving proces