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Increases in Higher Education as a Result of Non-Essential Educational Services

Higher Education is changing and may be indicative of some challenges that will need new solutions and better ways of managing the educational system. A report by the Joint Legislative and Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) to the general assembly of Virginia indicates a number of important education trends such as cost, state investment, secondary higher education services, student loan debt, and graduation rates of both Virginia and the nation. Even though the report focused on Virginia it did highlight some national trends and changes.  A Virginian report indicates that the majority of newer higher education costs are a result of auxiliary services. At 15 Virginia based higher education institutes,   spending increased from $2.6 to nearly $6 billion dollars in the past two decades. Staff salaries, benefits and maintenance were not the majority of these increased costs. Higher levels of spending were found in academic services, research, academic support, student support, h