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Book Review: Nice Guys can get the Corner Office

The Book Nice Guys can Get the Corner Office by Russ Edelman, Timothy Hiltabiddle, and Charles Manz delves into the concept that nice guys often allow the self-interest of others to damage their careers and steal their opportunities. Nice guys are naturally seeking to do what is right but they unfortunately live within a world where not so nice guys seek personal advantage without following the golden rules . In society, we have unfortunately rewarded such poor behavior at our own corporate and economic peril.  Sixty percent of people feel they are too nice in the workplace. This belief includes the concept that nice guys have morals, compassion, and sincerity but are often drowned out by more needy members. Once nice guys decide to put their foot down they become an asset to an organization as they have the right values mixed with enough conflict management abilities to ensure their voice is heard.  The chapters are broken up to Self-Awareness, Speaking-up, Set Boundarie