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Multitasking in an Academic Environment

Multitasking entails the ability to complete two types of tasks at once in an effort to complete both by certain time frames. Conventional multitasking at the same time is different than multitasking larger projects where each has its own schedule and time. Professors that engage in multiple large projects at once, teaching students, and completing administrative duties often become skilled at multitasking offering an important lesson for industry managers. The brain only has so much ability to process information at the same time. Eventually the quality of the work completed slows down and mistakes are made. However, this only applies to tasks that are being conducted at the same time and not necessarily projects that have smaller tasks that can be completed individually. The same overload occurs among professors who are attempting to complete academic projects but are distracted by phones, music, interruptions etc.. A study of over a thousand professors found that when they attem