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Cultural and Motivational Intelligence Contributes to Exports

Proper staffing with relevant skills is important to any business. In large firms the export manager should understand the cultures in which he or she is working within. The researchers looked at 153 U.S. companies to determine if an exporting manager’s cultural intelligence impacts the success of the company in engaging in international sales. Such skills allow for greater adaptation through understanding.  Companies naturally move through marketing-mix adaptations whereby they change the way in which they handle internal and external pressures.   When done well it increases the strategic, financial, and competitive objective achievements into specific markets (Cavusgil & Zou, 1994). Much of this adjustment is based on the manager’s ability to understand the markets and make connections to the people within that market.  According to Resource-Advantage Theory when firms can deploy the proper mix of financial, physical, legal, human, organizational, informational and r