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Kenpo as an Augmentation For Fitness-Introducing Kimono Grab

Kenpo is a sport that focuses on self-defense and is a great activity to augment a fitness program. It provides coordination, strength, flexibility, and self-defense. You may notice that all movements start with someone attacking while providing defensive positions.  Few are designed as an attack. The very nature of the sport is self-defense and an expressive art form of human body movement.   Kenpo practice helps create coordination of movement that balances growth in muscle and strength. In Kimono Grab there are the traditional moves and the modified moves. Most people who engage in the sport focus only on the traditional moves. The traditional method is taught in most classes and strictly follow the founder’s approaches. The modified versions have great benefit for learning how to change sequences based on the events that are occurring in the engagement.  For example, if an opponent attacks you and you are able to initiate the first movement in the sequence but fail to