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Sign Up to Travel to Mars! A new type of May Flower.

Would you like to go to Mars? Launching in 2025 the non-profit Mars One seeks to send the first 4 individuals on a one way trip to Mars. They will be living in a colony and conducting research on the red planet. The Mars One Foundation has support from Lockheed Martin and Surry Satellite Technology.  It will be the new frontier of world exploration.  You can now sign up to take a new type of May Flower to lands unknown. Using the designs of NASA’s 2007 Phoenix lander they believe this new mission is entirely possible.  The mission will have an arm to scoop dirt to check for water, solar panels and live streaming.  The initial mission will cost about $6 billion and will go down to about $4 billion on subsequent trips. The goal is to colonize a piece of the planet.  Mixed with a reality TV show people will be selected and trained as astronauts until launch date where STEM and university challenge winners will be sent into space. If you are over the age of 18 and would like