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Does Data and Our Personalities Impact How We Invest?

Data is used to understand the environment and make investment decisions about new products and services that directly impact the stock market. Recently, the Institute of Supply Management made an accidental miscalculation on the May Purchasing Manufacturers' Index by published 53.2 and then revising that estimate to 56 after the error was discovered ( Strumpf, 2014 ). Due to the importance of that economic indicator stocks bounced downward and then leaped upwards 26 points after the revision.  The change made sense with investors who saw a tough winter and potential spring rebound.  Stocks can be finicky on new data. The information provided from credible sources, often released from large institutions, are given more weight than smaller publishers. This doesn’t change the fact that they are still a single reference point that when taken in isolation can lead to inaccurate perception. A single switch of a number, miscalculation, or ignored measurement can change the r