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New Economic Indicators Point to an Improved U.S. Business Climate

The economy is picking up steam with positive markers in trade, manufacturing, consumer confidence and service industry growth. Multiple markers help encourage positive feelings among consumers and investors alike. As the market continues to show positive signs it will naturally influence the available purchasing habits of consumers and opportunities of investors.   Even though the positive signs are only blips on an economic radar they do lean toward potential new growth in the near future. America is making its way back to global dominance as the trade gap narrows and worldwide demand for American products ticks slightly upward.   It is a small start…but it is a start. According to new numbers from the Trade Department the trade gap shrank 3.6% to $40.4 billion dollars from the prior month of $41.9 billion ( 1 ). This small adjustment in the trade gap highlights that there is some potential momentum in the market.  Exports increased 2.1% to $193.9 billion in March ( 2 ).