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Using Action Plans to Increase Performance

Action plans offer the opportunity help people think through the various challenges they face and apply some type of plan on how to overcome these difficulties. Whether discussing students, employees our yourself it is beneficial to consider the benefits of implementing action plans in a way that encourages greater insight by the person writing them. Insight sometimes leads to higher levels of performance. In my experience in labor relations and as a professor in business I find that performance issues may not be willful but are a result of a lack of experience or understanding. For example, in labor relations I have found attendance to be a major employer concern. Through the standard grievance process employees can promise to make it to work on time but without an action plan the problem isn't likely to be resolved soon. The same idea applies to students who consistently fail to turn their work by class deadlines. Each assignment they scramble for some excuse that will get th

Developing the Strategy within a Business Plan

The business plan is the single most important document in the development and promotion of any business. Without a well thought out business plan it is unlikely that a new venture will succeed or be able to navigate the often difficult and complex environment. When starting a business people often focus on their great idea but fail to understand the important components and steps that lead to successful development. The business plan helps to create the business model. Each business needs some way of competing in the market. The business plan is the most significant planning exercise that can lead to the success or failure of the entity (McKaskill, 2011). Ensuring that it is detailed and critically analyzed will help minimize problems later. The formation of a business plan should include research into each of the areas. Making “rule of thumb” judgments where more exact data is needed can be a mistake. The quality of the plan is based upon the depth and strength of the a