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Keeping Work-Life Balance for Sustainable Performance

Creativity and productivity is important for a successful career. Businesses that fill themselves with motivated producers are also more likely to succeed. Maintaining one’s career can be difficult unless a proper balance between the employee’s personal needs and career needs are properly balance. All work and no play can make anyone off balance and less productive that will eventually damage corporate competitiveness. Productivity is sustained when employees have a level of satisfaction with their jobs. Work-life is a major contributor and catalyst to job satisfaction (Rama Devi & Nagini, 2014). Without that balance employees can burnout or become bored resulting in lower productivity and frequent job hopping. Most jobs can be stressful but some are more stressful than most and therefore maintain higher incidents of burn out. Air traffic controllers and stock brokers are some examples of fast paced pressure cooker jobs. Developing work life balance can help them