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5 Full-Body Exercises that Increase Overall Fitness

Compound, or full-body exercises are an important way for people to get in shape and burn calories. The benefit of compound exercises are that when more muscles are used in a single activity it raises the overall calories burned, work out time, and the potential speed of fitness transformation. These moves engage both large and small muscles making a workout well rounded.  There are a few disadvantages that include the inability to isolate a certain muscle for growth. Most sports require a well-rounded body type with adequate overall muscle tone. A few sports may require stronger arms or legs than others but this is generally not the norm. Where additional improvement is needed in a specific area the practice of the sport will fulfill the specific muscles.  The key to good overall fitness is to use as much of the body as possible. As you complete these compound exercises you will engage your biceps, triceps, stomach, back, legs, gluteus, etc… making your fitness reaching i