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Book Review: Buffett: the making of an American Capitalist

Rarely do we get a glimpse of the life of the successful and famous.   To many in the business world Warren Buffett is more like a god than a man. In his book Buffett: the making of an American Capitalist you won’t be receiving insider investment tips but you will come to know a little of the man that has been an inspiration to business students and investment gurus for a number of decades. You will learn what made him the man he is today. Sometimes, it is those little things in life that put on us on unique paths. Of particular interest is the information about Buffett’s life and his formation as a leading investor. He started as an odd but liked child who seemed more like a fish out of water than the confident billionaire he is today. A little socially awkward people came to accept him as he was. He watched the stocks while other boys made modeled airplanes. A boy who loved to play sports, talk of financial success, and attract other boys to him.  He loved to read and a