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150 Colleges Seek to Double International Study Opportunities

Would you like to study overseas? Perhaps you want to learn a foreign language, gain international experience, or see the historic sites.   150 U.S. colleges are seeking to double the amount of students studying overseas through international and educational exchanges. The five-year initiative by the Institute of International Education hopes to increase the amount of international students from 295,000 to around 600,000.  With only 10% of students gaining international experience the U.S. is suffering from a lack of global marketplace knowledge. Being separated by great oceans once helped protect our borders but may now be a detriment to our economic growth. Our students, and the next generation of leaders, do not have enough familiarity with foreign cultures to effectively compete in this arena.  In business, international experience is also very important for effectiveness. Multinational firms have distribution networks that reach into multiple countries. Management may