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American Principles as a Catalyst for International Investment

America was founded on a mere idea of opportunity that enticed thousands of people across the soapy seas to nail down new entrepreneurial stakes in the fragile colonies . Blacksmiths , carpenters and farmers spread out to start new business es to feed their needy families . Even in a global economy the entrepreneurial spirit embedded within our American values has market appeal that can be converted to investment value . Life , liberty and pursuit of happiness are based on trust . People believe that when they put a dollar in the bank it will be there a few days later , they are charged the price posted for products , hard work still results in increases in wealth , and education opens new doors . Trust glues societal fabric between people , employees-employer, investor-executive, citizen-government, and civilian-law enforcement . When the fundamentals of trust break down so does the economy . The

How Will Political Instability Impact Yemen's Economy?

Yemen’s investment opportunities were not necessarily strong before the recent ousting of the pro-American president by the Shia faction Houthi. That investment climate is even more uncertain now. As one of the world’s least developed nations the loss of investment could push the country further into poverty which contributes to greater in-fighting and instability making tribal regions open to foreign influence at the expense of a centralized government. The long-lasting impact of investment opportunities will make themselves more apparent in the future as the nations tribes and factions determine what routes they are going to take in settling disputes. Any long-lasting heated conflict will likely ensure that investors do not put their money into a politically unstable nation heightening local fighting over resources. Land grabs and resource confiscation could lead to civil war. Yemen has always been seen as a risky place for international businesses investment so recent instab