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The Development of Fluidity in Business Strategies

Strategy is a key method of navigating organizations to and through environmental changes. A paper by Tamas Meszaros provides some insight into the development of strategy over the past few decades (2012). He argues that strategy has moved from being something concrete to something more fluid. His arguments make sense in terms of the ability of executives to put forward strategies but then adjust those strategies based upon an ever changing environment.  If we think of how fluid each decade has become with an advent of technology we may find that strategy is no longer stale and concise but is more of a trajectory toward organizational goals. The paths can change and adjust as new information and new pressures become apparent. As the environment changes so does the need to change the strategies based upon developing factors.   According to Cummings, et. al. (2009) history has changed the way we view strategy: -1960’s: Strategy was seen as a thing. Decisions in the presen