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Call for Papers: 2015 Winter Global Online/Distance Education Symposium

February 20-21, 2015 Los Angeles, United States of America - Submission of an abstract, topic of interest or proposal will be accepted for the purpose of registration. - Time schedule to be determined later after all the papers have been received. - 30 minute presentation per paper - Approved and Peer Reviewed papers will be published in on-line proceedings. Web address: conferences/ globalmanagementconference/

Webinar: A Model for Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Assessment

Date : Tuesday, March 24 Time : 12:00pm CT Presented by:  Dr. Lance J. Tomei- Director for Assessment, Accreditation, and Data Management  at University of Central Florida This webinar will include an introductory overview of the important interrelationships among IE assessment, strategic planning, budgeting, and accreditation. The presenter will suggest desirable characteristics of an effective IE assessment system, as well as strategies and tactics for developing and maintaining an effective IE assessment system – which include organizational structure, technology support, engagement (“buy-in”), and training considerations. He will discuss a proposed method for modeling desired continuous quality improvement practices through the continuous evaluation and improvement of the IE assessment process itself. Link

Webinar: Supporting The Engagement, Learning And Success of Students At-Risk 2-Part Workshop

Part 1 - Wednesday, September 24, 3:00-4:30 (Eastern) Part 2 - Wednesday, October 1, 3:00-4:30 (Eastern) Website: Info This intensive three-hour workshop (two 90-minute sessions) will identify the characteristics, challenges, and strengths of students whose backgrounds and experiences often put them at greater risk for not achieving their full potential and/or for leaving college. Participants will also consider how at-risk students often confront multiple challenges due to overlapping issues such as first-generation and first-year, multicultural, underprepared, and LGBT. At-risk cohorts covered in these sessions include: - Adult/Reentry - First-Generation/Low SES - Students of Color/Multicultural Students - Students with Disabilities - Student Athletes - First-Year Students - LGBT Students - Transfer Students Objectives - Learn how individual faculty members, academic advisors, counselors, and other educators c