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Poll Shows Investors are Optimistic in 2014-Can We Find a Place for Their Money?

A Morgan Stanley poll of high net worth individuals found that 88% of investors are optimistic about their future economic prospects. High net worth individuals are people 25-75 with at least 100K in investable assets. A third of these individuals have at least a million dollars of investment assets and can significantly impact national economic growth if they believe that investing today will earn them higher rates of return in the short, medium, and long-term future.   Investors are expecting a positive investment environment over the next year. Eighty-eight (88%) believe their worth will rise, 84% believe their investment portfolios will stay the same or improve, and 70% envision a better investment climate. This optimism pushes the belief that investment prospects are growing and a few gold nuggets provide for higher growth sectors. Positive impressions are persisting despite some looming problems in the governance and the geo-political issues of our times. A total o