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Healthy Living: Lentil Soup as a Body Scrubber

Lentils are considered a super food that does more for the body than most other food types combined. As a legume, lentils are one of the easiest beans to prepare and can go a long way in keeping your body fully stocked with energy producing fiber.   Cooking lentil soup allows the intake of natural nutrients along with a great way to satisfy hunger throughout the day.  Lentils lower cholesterol and improve heart health ( 1 ).   The higher volumes of soluble fiber lower cholesterol and reduce risks of heart disease and stroke by scrubbing arteries. The soluble fiber develops a gel-like substance in the digestive tract and collects bile that contains cholesterol and pushes it out of the body ( 2 ).  We know that protein is important for encouraging muscle strength. Lentils not only provide protein (18g per cup) but also stabilize blood sugar levels helping keep insulin from bouncing around ( 3 ). The slow release of nutrients and fuel acts as a buffer against quick shots of