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Egomaniac Bosses Damage The Companies that Employ Them

Poor managers thwart organizational growth and alienate employees. If you have ever worked for a manager with an attitude you might become acutely aware of the damaging impact a personality can have on a department. According to a study in the Academy of Management Journal such mangers are protecting their fragile egos by silencing the suggestions of their employees (Fast, Burris & Bartel, 2014). Managers with low self-efficacy don't feel that they have the ability to meet new management expectations. They are overwhelmed and concerned about being successful. In order to thwart any criticism of their management style and performance they resort to bullying their employees and tearing them down when possible. Most people have experienced this at some point in our lives. We expect that out of the thousands of people we meet in a month that a few will be rude, condescending, and aggressive. It is easy to simply ignore them and walk away. Poor managers are much more difficult