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Thursday, May 22, 2014

In Full Swing at Sorrento Canyon Golf Center

Sorrento Golf Canyon Golf Center offers a local outlet for golf practice and golfing needs. Practice your long game at the driving range or make your way over to the unique 18-hold put course. This is not your standard putting green but offers practice with fun. Challenging, angles, pitches, and natural grass help in balancing skill with recreation. 
Still need some work on your swing? Sign up for their classes and work on perfecting the line of the ball, your hand position, legs, and torso movements. I am somewhat of a slicer myself unless I focus on keeping my swing straight and my arms in the right position. People like me would do well with a class. If you are having any of the same problems you might want to call and check out their rates. 

Instruction mixed with practice is a strong formula for success. Taking a few hour or half-hour classes can make a difference in the amount of strokes (1). PGA instructors will help you master your swing so that you can apply that action uniformly throughout the game thereby shaving points and raising your performance.  

The site also offers a chance for freshly minted Americans to learn the English language better. I did not expect this when I entered the facility but they also have English classes within the facility. Called the Sorrento Canyon English Academy it offers a variety of classes in a nice classroom facility. 

Golf can be an exciting game and can be played in groups. It is beneficial in getting people out of the office and on the course for some social interaction. Nature has a way of settling us down and getting us connected to the world in which we live without all the electronic distractions. Just you, the ball, and a friend or two that spend time together. 

5605 Carroll Canyon Rd, 
San Diego, 
CA 92121