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Decade of Global Skills Updating-OECD Report

Education at a Glance covers a number of global concepts in higher education. It was published in 2013 from OECD which seeks to create a better understanding of educational issues as well as disseminate information on the education industry of its members. Within the report one can find valuable information on global trends, changing demographics, incomes and much more. Some of the highlights are related to gender flattening, higher level of educational attainment, and potential returns on educational investments. OECD participating countries found that women are becoming education than at any point in the past. Younger populations across both genders have increased in their educational attainment. This is an international phenomenon. Since 2011, 33% of women and 30% of men have obtained a level of higher education. It is expected that 83%of all OECD young people will eventually obtain some level of upper secondary education. Upper secondary education means that students ha