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How Can Businesses Retain High Ability Employees?

Employers often wonder how they can retain high ability employees for more effective results.   Because giftedness is a qualitatively and quantitatively different experience that can lead to higher production researchers wonder whether or not they can find a way to attract and retain such individuals. A study by Siekanska & Siekanska (2006), indicates that gifted workers are actually more satisfied than other workers and less likely to bounce around from job to job. Once such individuals have been attracted it can be easier to retain them. For gifted individuals, job satisfaction ranks just behind life satisfaction in importance. Individuals seek to create a well-rounded and satisfactory life. As all workplaces include some levels of stress and this stress can be considered a negative draw away from workplace satisfaction. The gifted appear to be able to handle that stress a little more efficiently through adaptation and understanding.  When the gifted can adjust to th