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Are Lower Fuel Prices Acting Like an Economic Stimulant?

Fuel prices are heading downward to the merry of consumers and corporations alike. At the pump are some of the lowest prices we have experienced in over four years. Low fuel prices are not only helpful for families trying to balance their budgets but also businesses that benefit from lower costs of building, manufacturing, and distributing products. Low fuel prices could potentially have a positive influence on economic growth in many of the same ways as a stimulus. Consumer Disposable Income : Fuel is an expense that families must pay in order to get to work, drive their kids to school events, or go to the grocery store. Families may cut back on traveling in lean years but generally rely on their automobiles for daily errands. When fuel prices decline the amount of money families must spend also declines creating greater disposable income for purchasing other products.  Lower Business Costs: It costs companies to truck products from one location to the other. It also c