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Kenpo: Breaking From a Full Nelson

The full-nelson is a difficult move to escape.   As both arms are locked in an upward position and the head is pushed down it can be difficult to move without a level of strain. Likewise, the lock makes it difficult to move at all unless your attacker desires to move you there.   Speed and strength are needed together to change the situation. That doesn’t mean all is lost. Both moves engage the strength of the arms in quick motion to counter power the position. One tries to inflict pain on the foot and the other on the finger.   Both are an attempt to release the lock.   Once the lock is broken other things are possible.  Full Nelson-A (Opponent has full nelson on both arms and head) -Stamp on opponents right foot with your right foot. -Raise your arms into the air. -Bend both knees and drop down while crashing your arms in the downward direction to break hold. -Grab opponent’s upper right hand with both hands (wrist lock with thumbs on top). -Spin to the righ