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Webinar: From Silver Bullets to Embedded Assessments: Focusing on What Counts in a Distracted Educational World

Date: September 25 th , 2014 at 2-3:00 PM Eastern Virginia Tech Website: Education, writ large, has a tendency to look for and accept "silver bullets," uber-easy and uber-effective solutions to complex and complicated problems, without the necessary scrutiny. Unfortunately, this silver bullet search has taken our collective eyes off of more solid approaches to assessment in education. This webinar will move the conversation from silver bullets to embedded assessments in the teaching and learning process, resulting in "assessment for free." The concept of "assessment for free" results from situations where the focus is on creating learning environments/activities/experiences that naturally yield an artifact - presentation, product, paper, processing, performance - that can then be used to assess student learning and development. There is plenty of rhetoric and noise in