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A Few Thoughts on the Free 2-Year College Degree Proposal

The White House recently announced an idea to provide free tuition for 2-year college degrees in an effort to educated the American workforce. Potentially 9 million students could save approximately $3,800 annually in student loan payments. Cost would be somewhere around $60 billion dollars and would need to be approved through the congressional budget. A well intentioned policy with a few thoughts about the benefits and detractors of the idea. It is true that Americans need to retool their workforce to ensure that they stay competitive on the international market. This generally means that they will need to learn new skills to match the marketplace in a way that will improve upon the growth and expansion of competitive industries. Growth requires a workforce that can actually do the work without burdening companies with excessive training costs. There is a problem with understanding which type of skills students will be learning. Those students that will be working in labor positi