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Kwaay Paay Summit Provides a Hiking and Fitness Experience

Kwaay Paay Summit located in Mission Trails and affords a great outdoor exercise experience that you are not going to get on your treadmill. With approximately 1.25 miles of upward vertical climb and 1.25 miles on the way down you are engaging in 3 miles of heavy cardiovascular depending on the trail you take. If you decide to walk around the other trails you might get 4 or 5 out of it. The hike up to the 1100 foot + peak is plenty for most outdoors people.  Even though it is the fourth largest peak in the park it is considered one of the most difficult. The trail is easy in the beginning once you make it up the first vertical climb. As you move upward on the trail you will find that the trail gets more difficult and there are fewer hikers. The trail narrows and it can be dangerous coming up or down so be careful.  There isn’t a lot of wildlife to take pictures of. However, you can get some nice pictures of the mountain side. It would be great if you could be up there at