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10 No-Gym Exercises that Condition the Body for Higher Fitness

At its most fundamental level fitness is about getting the body and blood to move within the system. Slow and methodical movements do provide a benefit but that benefit is much lower than what can be found in a higher paced fitness plan. The speeding of the heart and allowing it to rest a few minutes conditions the body for even more rigorous activity. Conditioning is important for sporting activities. If you enjoy sporting outside of health the overall conditioning helps to improve upon your general performance across a broad range of activities. It provides higher levels of endurance, speed and sustained movement that can push your tennis game, martial arts, or swimming to the next level.  It is recommended that people receive at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise a week. If you raise the quality of that exercise you may need a little less. However, the more you do the better as long as you are targeting the right areas of the body and going for maximum gain.  A pr