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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Basic Fencing Swordplay Techniques

Fencing is a sport that requires learning finite stimulus detection and reaction skills. Unlike other sports fencing moves at lightning pace. Perhaps the fastest sport around. Once one learns basic footwork they can move into the fundamentals of swordplay. This swordplay is based upon the carriage of the body and how it moves back and forth. 

For example, a lunge requires the movement of both the foot, leg, body, and arm to make a hit. Simple attacks forward can be learned with a little practice. Of course, the sport is not based only on simple moves and experts can get very crafty with their attacks, defending, and movements. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds to defeat your opponent in a bout. 

When one wears all of the gear that includes glove, vest, helmet, shoes, etc. they will naturally built up a great sweat. When bouts last for any length of time both sparring partners can become winded and worn out. Epee is considered one of the more aggressive fencing styles and doesn’t have all of the rules found in foil. Sabre is the freest flowing sport using most of the body as a target.