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La Jolla Open Aire Market Draws in Local Crowds

Just down the street from La Jolla’s sea lion attractions and main tourist destination is a quaint bazaar that attracts all kinds’ shoppers.  Farmers, artisans, artists, and boutique shops assemble a farmers market where only a parking lot and baseball field sat hours before. Only on Sunday morning do the small tents and tables assemble to show the unique wares not offered anywhere in the world.  Hundreds of locals walk the narrow isles to find bargains on 1600’s coins, fresh fruit, original paintings, clothing, Persian carpets, WWI paraphernalia and rare geodes. Any small entrepreneur can hang a shingle for their homemade wares giving them an opportunity to reach out to local customers. Shoppers will find special prices they cannot find in any major retail outlet.  A main attraction is the food pavilion that hosts international cuisines. Indian curry chicken, bbq burgers, spicy kabobs, bread, and homemade dips are offered for a pittance. Ringing out over the picnic