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Alas! Cortes's Lost City of Gold Has Been Found! Maybe?

The lost City of Gold may be in our grasp! Scientists may have found La Ciudad Blanca or the “White City” that was rumored to be filled to the brim with riches beyond our wildest imagination. Discoveries in the Mosquitia region of Honduras show a mapping of ancient structures buried beneath the foliage. Just a hint of the ancients come to life through technology and research. No one has dared to enter upon the doorsteps but plans are underway to explore the ruins by land and see if its riches and curses are true.  A group of archeologists and filmmakers began the search for the fabled city over a year ago. Using an imaging mapping method called Lidar the filmmakers Steven Elkins and Bill Benenson were able to map the area. It was these maps that were sent to an engineer from the University of Houston to analyze and find structures. That engineer also found additional buildings in the area to the glee of everyone involved in the project.  Lidar uses a laser that boun