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Art or Science-The conception of the human mind?

Carl Jung argued that the mind contained the psyche and this is rooted as deeply as the biological legacy we inherited from thousands of years of evolution. Dr. Raya Jones from the Cardiff School of Social Sciences discusses the differences between the science of the psyche and the science of biology and how these created two fundamentally different arguments within the field.  The mind is created over time and conceptualized as the soul. It is part of our conscious as a people and determines who we are, what we believe, and how we perceive the world. The biological sciences focus more on the empirical view of the body as a collection of wiring, chemistry, and anatomy that makes us physical humans. The problem is that the mind-body connection has never been made scientifically.  Jung also believed in a collective unconscious that is deeper than our individual unconscious. It is something that connects all human beings together through their species. This existence is often