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Can NASA's Vegetation Map Encourage Efficient Legislation?

The world’s vegetation is beneficial for sustaining life, growing food, and encouraging diversity of animal species. With 75% of the world covered in water and 25% in vegetation a total of 25% of the earth is relatively barren of sustainable plant life. You can see in the video how vegetation changes throughout a particular year to have a better perspective of the cycles of the seasons. The possibilities for proper analysis of the benefits and detractors of certain legislative actions is enhanced.   The data was collected using Visible-Infrared Imager/Radiometer Suite (VIRS) on a NASA satellite that uses reflections of light to determine overall vegetation. The results will allow for monitoring as part of the Herbal Earth project and will be used to index vegetation overtime. The use of satellites will allow a more global perspective on what areas are suffering and what areas are doing well.  There are obvious advantages to the use of such technology that include forest