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The Economic Recovery by Charts-Technology vs. Service

The New York Times is getting sophisticated with their online news reporting and interactive media. It seems as though they are following some of the trends displayed within the report. The article “How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts” highlights industry changes over the past decade providing some great and not-so-great news. The mapping of economic data helps provide a greater understanding and analysis of market trends. A Mixed Recovery: Jobs in the middle of the spectrum shrunk while the periphery grew. Employment in healthcare and energy grew while jobs in construction and real estate declined.  Different Kinds of Jobs: The low end service industry and the high end technology sector experienced increases.  Home Prices: Home prices have rebounded but new construction has not.  U.S. Manufacturing: Manufacturing has seen a reemergence in the export laden sectors such as aerospace and medical equipment but less in labor intensive industries