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The Competitive Skills of the 21st Century

Skills are the life blood of any economy. It is hard to do much without the skills to think it, make it and sell it. Businesses seek college graduates with general skills that raise their competitiveness. A study by Holtzman & Kraft (2011) compared and contrasted a study by the Richard Stockton College and one by the Association of American Colleges and Universities to come to conclusions about the skills needed in the 21 st Century. The essential skills of the 21 st Century employers identified as very important or important were: Interpersonal skills(100%); Time management (100%); Speaking/oral communications (98%); Ethical Understanding (98%); and, Adapting to change/being flexible (96%). Employer’s ratings were solicited through a survey response. There was an essential difference between the two studies.   When the participant’s businesses worked and sold within the local market they were less interested in graduates with a global perspective while those