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Are You Buying Emotionally or Rationally?

Feelings and rationality have been something philosophers debated for centuries . Descartes separated emotion and reason as well as mind and body . The process of making purchasing decisions can be based on emotion , reason , or both depending on the situation in which we make decisions . From a marketing and consumer purchasing approach, emotion or reason are primed by an independent or interdependent self-construal. According to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research  those with independent self-construal promote reliance on feelings in judgments while interdependent self-construals promote greater reliance on reason (Jiewen & Change, 2015). Decision making is impacted by how we see ourselves in relation to others. To understand this idea fully it is necessary to comprehend what a self-construal is. Self-construal is the way in which we perceive ourselves in relation to others. Much of our belie