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Scaffolding of Knowledge in Higher Education

By Dr. Irina A. Weisblat Community colleges provide a nice step between high school and university life. The skills students learn can have a significant impact on how well they will do in a larger university system. Understanding how course sequencing can impact the learning process of basic skills is important for filling the gaps that could make a difference between success and failure.  Sequencing works a lot like scaffolding. Each piece of knowledge fits together with other pieces of knowledge to create higher levels of thinking. Students that skip one series of learning can often be impacted at later stages of their learning process. How courses are sequenced and pieces of knowledge built on one another is a sign of the quality of a program.  At times it is necessary to have researchers look how the information is sequenced throughout the program to ensure students are ready to take on more complex arguments and classes. You wouldn’t want to put business accoun