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Simple Chicken Dumpling Soup

Creating simple and hardy meals does not always require slaving in the kitchen. It is hard to maintain a healthy diet when engaged in a busy life and convenience foods are at every turn.   A slow cooker can save time by allowing you to put food into cooker in the early morning and have it finish just a few hours before getting home.  Chicken and Dumpling soup is both hardy and healthy. A bowl will range in calories depending on the size of that bowl and the ingredients one uses. At its worst it is under 300 calories while at its best 140 calories. Protein is high due to the white chicken breast.  I do not like dry meat and white chicken breast seems to be the worst. However, when cooking with a slow cooker it will come out very soft and soaks in the flavors of the rest of the soup. It is tender and will come apart very easily even without almost any chewing.  Ingredients:  4 chicken breasts without skin (halves) 2 tablespoons butter 2 cans condensed cream o