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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Snow Valley Mountain Resort Offers Plenty of Black and Blue Runs

Snow Valley Mountain Resort keeps alive the ancient Scandinavian activity of Skiing. Experience Alpine life the way it should be by making your way up to a 7,841 foot peak and pushing yourself off Nord Valley run. Plenty of Black diamond and blue diamond runs even for seasoned people.

At such heights it seems like you can see the whole earth. Even as late in the winter as March most of their lifts are open for use and people are attending in droves to make sure they get a few moments of skiing before surfing season begins.

It may be one of the smaller resorts in the area but I like their offerings. It is easy to find parking with their huge lot and getting through the process of renting and getting a lift ticket is fairly easy. Even on a weekend it only took under 15 minutes to buy your ticket and hit the lifts saving your time for cruising the mountain slopes.

If you are looking to buy used versus rent you can get a pair of skis on the way out and they will deduct your lift ticket cost. Considering the $700+ you will pay for new equipment $75 will get you the used basics. That can save you a lot of money if you plan on going more than a few times a year.

Skiing is something I have enjoyed doing since I was young. In Southern California you typically have only one real season. They say winter but when the weather is still above 60 degrees and your from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan you scoff. One of the attractive aspects of San Diego is that in a couple hours you can move from surfing to downhill skiing and get back in time for supper.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort
35100 CA-18
Running Springs, CA 92382