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Are Military Veterans Natural Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners?

Military veterans have earned their place in society along with others who contributed to either developing or protecting American society. As it turns out Military veterans are also natural entrepreneurs that want to grow and develop opportunities. They have the right experiences and skills to manage a business. A study by Bressler, et. al. (2013) helps show which veterans hang out a shingle and why.  Approximately 13% of all small business owners are veterans while 30.4 to 48% of veterans are unemployed based on age and race. Many of these veterans have a difficult time finding jobs and employment opportunities. Sometimes these difficulties are personal and other times they are society based. Yes…society still has a lot of work to do on multiple levels.  As despicable and/or illegal as it sounds, some veterans who are in the reserve status, have lost their jobs for being recalled to duty. Some statistics have put this up to as much as ¼ of reserve veterans. Those losses