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Webinar: Strategies For Creating A Safe And Dynamic Learning Environment

Wednesday, September 24, 1:00-2:30 (Eastern) Type: webinar Website: http://www. product_p/3203.htm Whether you've been teaching for 20 years or you just started in the profession, there's always the possibility that you will have a student in your class whose behavior is disruptive. Disruptive classroom behavior not only interferes with teaching and learning, but it can also have a negative impact on classroom civility and the overall enjoyment of the learning experience. The best classroom management strategy is to prevent disruptions before they occur. Participants of this webinar will learn strategies for creating and sustaining a dynamic learning environment and effective methods for early intervention and managing disruptions when they do occur. We will also explore basic principles related to classroom management and learn a variety of strategies for managing disruptive behavior. - Develop an overall philosophy of classroom management tha

Webinar: Dealing With Difficult Students In Online Classes

Dealing With Difficult Students In Online Classes: How To Address And Diffuse Problems Quickly And Efficiently March 5th 2014-3:00-4:30 EST General Information: Online learning has revolutionized education, allowing students who would otherwise be unable to commit to a classroom schedule to attend college while maintaining work and family responsibilities. Despite its innovative format and flexibility, the online classroom can contribute to some of the same "behavioral" problems found in the face-to-face classroom. The online classroom is rich with opportunities, but it is crucial for instructors to learn how to easily mitigate the factors that can undermine their best efforts. This program will address how to manage the difficult student in the online classroom. We will identify the most common types of problems unique to this environment. We will also share personal (and often humorous) scenarios, as well as allow participants to share and collaborate on proble