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Low Oil Prices are Good for the U.S. Economy

Lately the idea that low gas prices raise economic activity has been in the headlines. At $80 a barrel oil is at bargain basement prices that lower the cost on everything from holiday travel to manufacturing costs. Oil is just one more factor in the total cost versus rewards businesses use to project future expansion and production. Can oil continue to spur the economy? The reason oil has declined is based on four primary factors that include 1.) lower demand during a global slow down, 2.) production by Saudi Arabia, 3.) improvements in American shale oil and alternative fuel developments, and 4) higher levels of efficiency in transportation and equipment. Oil is presently on the market with enough supply as to not demand higher prices. Oil prices impact the global economy but could have a more profound effect on the U.S. which is not only a heavy user of oil but also a reemerging manufacturing center. According to Tom Helbling of the IMF a 10% change in oil prices has a .2% impa