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Kenpo-Introducing the Dancer Move

There are occasions when an individual may attempt to choke you from behind. The Kenpo system is designed to provide maximum protection from varying types of attacks. These attacks may come from the front, side, multiple people, and even the back as dishonorable as that sounds. When an opponent decides to try and choke you from behind the dancer move can be quick and effective. The dancer is just that…a dance! It flows in a circular manner to both loosen the grip as well as stun the opponent. The purpose of a fast groin hit is that it will often force the opponent to seek protection to his vital parts and release their grip. That momentum is then used to swing around and face the opponent to deliver an immobilizing kick.  It is one of the easiest and simplest moves to use. Beginners often can get a feel of how the larger system works through this maneuver. Once the first strike is landed the opponent is likely to deflect backwards. This is one reason why the twist is used