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Kenpo: Countering Bear Hug Attacks

In the rare circumstance where an opponent uses a rear bear hug to squeeze you there are two strong moves that have significant counter-attack advantages. The Bear Hug-Back Free - A helps to return face to your opponent when your arms are free while the Crashing Hammer-Bear Hug Back Pinned allows you to take your opponent to the ground when your arms are pinned.  It is important to understand that an opponent that tries to use a bear hug likely sees you as a smaller and weaker opponent. He/She feels their strength is sufficient to keep you in control and likely has tried this successfully at other times in their life.  Such opponent’s don’t consider the protection of their vital areas as your arms are tied and the front of your body is facing away. There is a feeling that safety comes from behind. A well skilled kenpo fighter knows that their rear, ability to leverage their body, and overconfidence of their opponent is often the biggest advantages.  Even though there