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Problem Solving and the PDCA Cycle

Problem solving is a natural cycle of continuous improvement that seeks to put an organization on a continuous path to higher performance. As each problem is removed the organization runs more efficiently with less waste and more practical outputs. Such improvements can be seen in quality, service delivery, product design and operational function.  The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA Cycle) is an approach developed by the management guru Deming to improve quality. Planning includes analysis of the problem, do is the implementation of the solution, checking on the results,   and act is the implementation and standardization of the solution. The check, act, do, plan wheel is seen as rolling up on quality over time.  Consider the problem-solving steps in the PDCA Cycle by Summers (2000): Step 1: Recognizing the problem and establishing Priorities: Outline the problem from many different sources and inputs. Step 2: Forming quality improvement teams: An interdisciplinary team o