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Using Community Gardens to Manage Space and Build Togetherness

Gardens are a great American past time that not only fosters healthier living but allows for an outlet for interest that offers dividends to the caretakers. In urban areas gardens can be difficult to foster and find. When done well they provide a level of improvement to the local atmosphere and create a community action outlet.  The small urban garden I had the good fortune to experience was located inside the ML King Promanade Park near the Harbor Club Homeowners Association. It is a small garden as a place to sit for moment and ponder nature. You probably wouldn’t even notice it except for the peculiar landscape.  Urban gardens have a whole host of benefits that include land preservation, community participation, ownership, and proper use of space (Eizenburg, 2012). As a tool urban gardens draw attention to more productive land use where community members engage in shared projects.  Let us take an example of a few hundred square feet sitting vacant between building